We started developing the Luxsonn brand 10 years ago. At that time the technology was still a novelty trying to find its way to the market. Today, we can hardly imagine our environment without the brightly illuminated areas where even the most remote corners are illuminated. This efficient and cost-effective LED technology has reached each and every of us.

Together with the engineers of Kaunas University of Technology, we have created a unique control system LUXSONN, when light follows a moving object, which helps to save up to 90 percent of electricity, avoiding electrical switches and also ensuring maximum comfort.
In our daily activities, the innovations of LED light take the first place. We use only the highest quality materials and components. We pay special attention to product quality.

Luxsonn – for architectural solutions, building administrators, public institutions, street lighting. These are efficient lighting solutions for professionals who want to give their customers new lighting standards.
High quality products require the same relationship with the buyer. That’s why we’ve organized our production resources so that today we can produce up to 100,000 smart control units per week to your orders.

We highly appreciate all customer feedback, experiences and recommendations.

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