Luxsonn is the trademark of premium quality LED strip lights made of durable high-quality materials and components. The Luxsonn LED strip lights are manufactured in Lithuania and come with a 10-year warranty, which means that you get much more quality lighting at the average market price.

Luxsonn is an efficient lighting solution designed for professionals who wish to introduce a new standard of lighting to their clients. Our products are tailored for architects, designers, lighting developers, electrical engineers, project managers and team leaders.

Diode density

We do not try to mislead our customers who are still traditionally associating the price of the light source with its wattage. When estimating the price of LED strip lights, we take into account the number of LEDs used. The so-called LED density indicates how many LEDs are used to make 1 meter of the strip light. Luxsonn strip lights are manufactured with 60, 120 or 140 LEDs per meter. We believe that the price of the light source must depend on the efficient light that it emits. Therefore, our customers pay for the actual number of LEDs diodes used to manufacture the strip rather than for its total power.

Color range

You can choose any of the most popular colors for your Luxsonn strip light, ranging from warm white to neutral bluish. The color of the light indicates its temperature which is measured in kelvins (K). Are you looking for soothing lighting for your home? You will definitely enjoy the warm white with the color temperature of either 2,700 K or 3,000 K. Are you in the mood for energy-radiating light in the office? Choose daylight lighting with color temperature of 3,500 K, 4,000 K or 4,200 K. Do you need clear and bright lighting for large premises or outdoors? Consider the bluish cool white with the color temperature of 6,500 K.

Resistance to humidity

The resistance to the environment of every power device is marked by assigning an IP protection class. Standard LED strip lights are assigned to the IP20 protection class. This means that the strip is protected against small objects but it has little to no protection against liquids and dust. Such a protection class is sufficient for use in dry premises with normal microclimate, where vapor does not condense and there are no clouds of dust. Special conditions require the use of dust and moisture resistant strip lights. Such strips usually meet the requirements of IP65 protection class, i.e. the protection against dust and streams of water. The Luxsonn strip lights meet the higher IP67 protection class requirements and are completely resistant to dust and even brief contact with water.